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Penny Reads

All my life I have loved books, and now that I’m a parent I’m delighted to see that my children (7 year old Little Miss C and 5 year old Master C) have inherited that love. Our home is full of books and that’s exactly the way I love it.

As well as me loving crime fiction, historical fiction and crafts books I also collect vintage children’s books, especially Ladybird books, Blue Peter annuals, old Topsy and Tim titles, and Enid Blyton books.

Little Miss C reads pretty much anything she can get her hands on, and had one of her dreams turned into a reality when she got the opportunity to meet Jaqueline Wilson last year. Master C is train obsessed and loves any story that features a train, but also can be regularly found in bed with a torch, pouring over books showing pictures of locomotives that he’s found on a second hand book stall at a model train exhibition.

For ten years I’ve been reviewing children’s books and sharing some of my vintage book collection online at Being Mrs C. Now that I’m no longer Mrs C, I’ve separated off all my writing about books to Penny Reads. Expect to see reviews of children’s books and lots of charity shop finds. I’m also planning on moving over all the posts in which I featured my Ladybird books, and I also have some grand plans for how to bring my Blue Peter annual collection to life. Watch this space…

Get in touch

If you’re a publisher or author and want to feature on Penny Reads then please just drop me an email at penny@pennyreads.co.uk and I can send you over a postal address to send review copies to. I can’t promise to feature everything I am sent, but will do my best.

Disclaimer – affiliate links

Please note that I do use amazon affiliate links here on Penny Reads. It costs you nothing extra if you choose to buy something after clicking through from Penny Reads, but my commission for sending you there helps fund my charity shop book buying habit. And my mortgage!

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